whatwedoCustomer Experience

The Company’s business portfolio comprising the 5 products lines; Instrumentation, Process Measurement & Control, Electrical Equipment & Spares , Mechanical Equipment & Spares,Specialized Hardware, Laboratory & Chemicals  involve sourcing of specific needs as provided by each customer. Our customers’ specific needs/enquiries are sourced appropriately from both our local and overseas partners under the categories of; manufacturers, appointed dealers, distributors as well as from fellow trading houses.

Stone Hill Kenya Ltd’s commitment to excellence is a pledge to provide the highest possible level of service delivery to our customers. The Company has structured and refined every facet of the organization with our valued customers in mind. The Company’s dedication to customer service is demonstrated by the way responses to their enquiries are personalized, placing each on a rapid response initiative.

The foregoing explains why, we at Stone Hill recognize the fact that, success depends on response time, accuracy, efficiency, and quality delivery and value gains. In support of this, our sourcing is anchored on technology and world’s top quality brands as featured elsewhere in this website.

In light of the aforementioned, our esteemed customers have no choice rather than retaining us on account of our excellent service delivery and value gains at the end of every accomplished contract.