Stone Hill’s 5 operating trade divisions of; Instrumentation & Process Measurements, Electrical, Mechanical, Specialized Hardware and Lab & Chemicals serve the needs of our corporate customers in various industries and institutions in Kenya as follows:

Energy Sector:
In this sector of the economy, the company provides spares and equipment in the following areas:
• Geo-thermo electricity power generation plants/stations
• Geo-thermo Development sites
• Hydro electricity power generating stations
• Electricity power distribution
• Petroleum down-stream transportation and storage facilities and infra-structure

Manufacturing Sector
In this sector we cover the following areas of manufacturing industries:
• Cement
• Tyre
• Sugar
• Tea
• General consumer manufacturing industries

Processing Plants: In this sector we cover needs for the dairy and beverages processing plants

Transport Sector: In this sector we cover the needs for corporations operating in Sea and Airports

Infrastructure & Building Sector: In this area we cover entities in building projects and civil works